Servicio EDAN


Edan offers properties that have been thoroughly checked out by its team of experts.

Checking of documentation: public deeds, taxes, current sanctions, etc.

A survey of the condition of the building, its habitability, surroundings, accesses and energy sustainability.

Servicio EDAN

Professional Advice

Our team ensures that the correct conveyancing process is completed and the property is legally registered in your name.

We guarantee that properties exceed the thresholds of legality, comfort, habitability and your expectations.

We compile a detailed report on the shortcomings and advantages of the property

Servicio EDAN


We guarantee maximum transparency during the buying and selling process.

We will offer you the property most suited to your requirements and include additional reports on possible improvements to be made, costs and repayment schedules so that you will be able to achieve the desired refurbishment.

Logo Garantía EDAN

What is the guarantee EDAN?

After many years of work, we have finally brought together the right kind of committed professionals to create the “EDAN” quality mark. This mark will only be assigned to those properties that deserve it and the properties bearing this mark will be offered to those clients who are looking for professionalism and security in their transactions.